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  1. dianne downes

    Interested in concord grapes.

    Yes, I know I am in Alaska, but I know north collins weather and I have lived here long enough to know my micro climate and soil. It is a good match for the grapes. I am only looking to set up for personal use..say fifty to a hundred foot row.

    Do you sell starts.

    Yes, Kevin is my brother

    • Awald Farms

      Hi Dianne! We do sell grapevines to start. Give Mr. Awald a call at 716-337-3162 to place an order and to see which varieties might be best suited to your specific area. Great to hear from you!

  2. martin weiser

    I just placed an order with you and wanted to be sure that you have all the information that you need. I am going to have a small arbor of about 10 vines, the ground now is very wet and I don’t or can get into it very well. I am waiting for my neighbor to put in some cow manure, composted, not fresh in between the rolls of the elderberry’s that I have. Is it ok to side dress the grape plants with the manure, after planting?
    Need all the help I can get, would like to get some grapes B/4 I laid out, after all I’m 85 years old and still do some gardening!
    Please reply ASAP
    Martin Korea War Vet

  3. martin weiser

    Sorry I forgot to send mail address for plants:
    Send to:
    Martin WEISER
    111South Lafayette #785
    South Lyon,Mi 48178

  4. kim sut

    Looking for 100 Concord grapes and 100 blueberries what is the price and size 2196696081

    • Awald Farms

      Hi Kim! Please give Jamie Awald a call at 716-867-2258 to place an order. She and our son Wes have recently purchased the nursery portion of the business from us so they’ll be taking care of that moving forward. Thank you!


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